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. Reserve in advance
. Weather permitting
Prices vary according to group size, needs and equipment.
Call 250.477.9881 or Contact Go Kayak for price.
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FIRST STEP: Never tried kayaking? First Step is the perfect place to start.
The course focuses on the fun of kayaking in a safe environment.

Sea kayak and equipment INCLUDED

* Please reserve in advance ** Weather permitting
Prices vary according to group size, needs and equipment, please call 250.477.9881 or email for price.

Course length: 3 hours
Conditions: Super calm conditions in sheltered waters.

SECOND STEP: It's all about sea kayak re-entries!
Learn how to deal with a possible capsize by performing rescue skills such as wet exit, self and assisted re-entries; essential skills to master if you are planning to get into sea kayaking.

Course length: 2 hours
Location: Ocean

THIRD STEP: It's all about paddling strokes!
Learn the benefits that paddling has to offer, including paddling more efficiently, building strength and fitness. Yes...it is all about paddle strokes.

Course length: 3 hours
Location: Ocean

Paddling in and around currents, ferrying, crossing eddy lines, eddy turn, low-brace turn, etc.

Course length: 3 hours
Location: Ocean

For advanced paddlers with Paddle Canada Lv2 skills certification or equivalent.

. Participants MUST know how to re-enter a sea kayak on their own.

This course is designed for sea kayakers who want to learn how to play and explore rock gardens and whitewater features of the ocean. It will help you with the process of making good judgement decisions when paddling in active water.

Course length: 3 hours
Location: Ocean

NAVIGATION: Learn how to use a nautical chart with a compass on a kayak journey.
You will learn basic navigation techniques, plan and navigate safely on a day or multi-day trip, how to use a nautical chart with a compass on a kayak journey. We will cover the fundamental aspects of sea kayak navigation. This course focuses on the application of chart reading, compass use, route planning and navigation.

Course length: 1/2 day and full day courses available
Location: Ocean

SURFING: A great way to improve your kayaking skills, building confidence and enjoying the fun of playing in active water.

This course teaches you how to deal with surf by;
. Avoiding the surf
. How to deal with the surf
. Having fun playing in the surf

The workshop focus on safety, type of surf, how to read the surf, surf etiquette, paddling in surf, safety and communication, landing and launching in surf, surfing, types of waves, broaching in surf (side surfing) and rolling in surf.

Course length: 2 days from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Location: Tofino, BC.