Go Kayak
Sea Kayak Surfing
* Please reserve in advance ** Weather permitting
Course length: 2 days
10:00 am to 3:00 pm both days
Location: Tofino
Since prices vary according to group size, needs and equipment,
please call 250.477.9881 or email for price.

A great way to improve your kayaking skills and paddling technique, building confidence and enjoying the fun of playing in active water.

This course teaches you how to deal with surf by;

1- Avoiding it. Use common sense, knowledge and seamanship to launch and land in surf zone. Very useful when paddling on West Coast Vancouver Island.
2- Learning how to deal with the surf if a wave catches you.
3- Having fun playing in the surf zone, building confidence and paddling skills.

The workshop focus on
- Safety
- Type of surf;
- How to read the surf;
- Surf etiquette - Sharing the surf zone with others;
- Paddling in surf - In and out of the surf zone;
- Safety and communication;
- Landing and Launching in surf;
- Surfing…will depend on surf conditions, type of waves, skills, etc.
- Broaching in surf (side surfing)
- Rolling in surf.

Accommodation and Transportation
You responsible for all transportation, park fees, and for all accommodation before, during, and after the workshop.

What you must have
• Enough food and water to keep you going through the course
• Immersion gear - A wetsuit or a drysuit or enough layers of clothes not to get cold "in" and "out" of the water.
• Kayak, paddle, spray skirt, pump, and all sea kayak required safety equipment
• Helmet
• Extra warm clothing dry bag
• Pen and paper - if you want to take notes
• Tow line
• A waterproof camera if you are planing to take pictures.

For more information or to register
Phone: (250) 477-9881
Email: info@gokayak.ca


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