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Oct 2015
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Sea Kayak Surf Course
Go Kayak is offering a Sea Kayak Surf Workshop in Tofino on November 28/29, 2015. The cost is $160.00 per person (Price includes taxes)

The workshop will focus on

- Safety
- Type of surf;
- How to read the surf;
- Surf etiquette - Sharing the surf zone with other surfers and kayakers;
- Paddling in surf - In and out of the surf zone;
- Safety and communication;
- Landing and Launching in surf;
- Surfing…will depend on surf conditions, type of waves, etc.
- Broaching in surf;
- Rolling in surf.If

If you are interested, send an email to and we will contact you with more information.

Pool Winter Pool Session
The pool is a great place to learn new skills in a comfortable and controlled environment. If you need to perfect your paddling technique, kayak rescues or how to roll, contact Go Kayak and we will make it happen.

From 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
- Sunday Nov 1, 2015
- Sunday Dec 6, 2015
- Sunday Jan 3, 2016
- Sunday Feb 7, 2016
- Sunday March 6, 2016

Surf Presentation / Slide Show
Port Hardy to Tofino was a wonderful 2015 summer paddling journey. We have a presentation about that trip ready to go. If you are interested to have us for a talk, please contact Go Kayak by email at or by phone at 250 477-9881.

This spresentation is about
- Logistic
- Food and food prep
- Navigation & charts
- Communication
- Equipment
- Weather and water conditions
- Challenges
- Camping sites and opportunities
- Places of interest
- Distances
...and a lot more information

Paddle Canada Customized Paddle Canada Sea Kayak 
Skills Level 2 certification.
Get ready for your next sea kayak adventures by getting your Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Skills Level 2 Certification.  

Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Skills Level 2 Certification customized courses are offered to cater to your organizational, professional or personal needs. Course schedule can be adapted to suit your availability, and additional components or themes can be incorporated into a course to cater to your requirements.

This course is specially design to fit your schedule and allowing enough time for you to develop the necessary skills to obtain the certification. This is not the typical 4 to 5 consecutive day course, but working by section, 1, 2, 3+ hours at the time or according to your own schedule. It is up to you decide how long you want to take to get the Paddle Canada sea kayak skills level 2 certification.

Do it at your own pace.  Take a week, a month or a year, it is up to you to decide.

Note - This course requires 1 overnight camping.

Go Kayak, Your first steps to kayaking!
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Tel: (250) 477-9881 / Web:

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