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Sea Kayak Surf Course

Dates: . Saturday April 14 and Sunday April 15, 2108
Location: . Tofino

Cost: $190.00 per person (price includes all taxes)

This course teaches you how to deal with surf by;

1- Avoiding it. Use common sense, knowledge and seamanship to launch and land in surf zone. Very useful when paddling on West Coast Vancouver Island.
2- Learning how to deal with the surf if a wave catches you.
3- Having fun playing in the surf zone, building confidence and paddling skills.

The workshop focus on
- Safety
- Type of surf;
- How to read the surf;
- Surf etiquette - Sharing the surf zone with others;
- Paddling in surf - In and out of the surf zone;
- Safety and communication;
- Landing and Launching in surf;
- Surfing…will depend on surf conditions, type of waves, skills, etc.
- Broaching in surf (side surfing)
- Rolling in surf.

Sea Kayak Current Course
Paddling in and around currents, ferrying, crossing eddy lines, eddy turn, low-brace lean turn.

Date:Thursday May 3, 2018
Location: Baynes Channel, Victoria
Cost: $90.00 per person (price includes all taxes)

For more information or to register, contact Go Kayak by phone at 250.477.9881 or by email at


Crystal Pool Kayak Session

The pool is a great place to learn new skills in a comfortable and controlled environment. If you need to perfect your paddling technique, kayak rescues or how to roll, contact Go Kayak and we will make it happen.


. Sunday April 8, 2018 from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
. Sunday June 3, 2018  from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Paddle Canada Certified Courses - Victoria

Paddle Canada Basic Kayak Skills certification

. Saturday May 12
. Saturday June 2
. Sunday June 10
. Saturday July 7

Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Level-1 Skills certification

. Tue March 20 & Wed March 21
. Sat May 5 & Sun May 6
. Sat June 9 & Sun June 10

Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Level-2 Skills certification
. Fri March 16 to Mon March 19
. Fri March 30 to Mon April 2
. Fri April 25 to Mon April 28
. Mon May 14 to Thu May 17
. Fri June 15 to Mon June 18

Go Kayak, Your first steps to kayaking!
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